Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services

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We know there is a bottle of headache medicine in your desk for managing your IT.  Contact us for a free consultation and solve your headaches permanently.

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· Our Advantage ·

Increased Efficiency

By managing device patching, anti-virus, scans, updates, and device health, your employees spend more time on what matters and not screaming.

Greater Insight

We provide a single pain of glass for you to see your entire network (even your remote staff) at once.  Full transparency out of the gate.  

Top support

We talk tech. We also bridge the gap between your computer and you to relieve that frustration before you send your laptop out the window.

· Our Services ·

Remote Support

When you need us, we are there.  And we support both MacOS and Windows.  Whichever devices you use in your business or non-profit, we are here to help. 

Monitoring & Patching

Patching and Monitoring are the core of keeping your systems up and running.  We make sure sure these happen on a schedule when you are not using them so keep you safe.

Threat Monitoring

The days of only needing a good antivirus are long gone.  We monitor your systems for multiple attack vectors and notify you when things are fishy or amiss.  

Consulting Services

Life doesn’t stand still.  Nor does technology or your needs.  We can help you navigate through the forest and determine the next steps for your business needs.

· About us ·


We are tech heads with a mission.  We want people to be secure in what they do and protect themselves, the companies they work for, and their clients and customers.  Technology should help further our missions to help one another.


Eight 7 Tech is a Managed Services Firm.  AKA, we are your IT department.  We are your front line defending your business and your clients from malware, viruses, and so much more.  Most importantly, we are your partners helping you and your customers succeed.